Seap Yann



Love Cambodia carries trains communities to inculcate sound financial management principles. Through the Community Savings Scheme, communities can pool their financial resources which can be utilised for short term loans to families participating in the scheme. This enables communities to understand and exercise financial prudence and stewardship.



Seap Yann, 51, was carrying the heavy burden of supporting her family before she was introduced to Min Pah from Love Cambodia. She was living in poverty, with five children to feed and no financial assistance or the skills to get a job that paid her enough. Seap Yann’s marriage were at the point of breaking up when they came to the village church in Pom village. 

Furthermore, her daughter Chanra was diagnosed with autism. Cambodians generally know very little about autism nor caring for special needs children. Autism was commonly regarded as the manifestation of some spirit and this led Seap to consult mediums for help, and in the process, getting  herself into deeper debt. 

In addition, her youngest son, Sat also started mixing with bad company, who introduced him to drugs and other vices. As a result, he got into a motorbike accident and that again plunged Seap into more debt as she had to pay his hospital bills.

When Seap thought that all hope was lost, Min Pah, a community development officer from Love Cambodia learnt of her plight and invited Seap to attend the local church. In addition, practical help was also given by having Seap participate in the Community Savings Programme which Love Cambodia runs in many villages in Prey Veng.

As a result of the church community and assistance, Seap started to grow emotionally stronger.  She also started to read the Bible and even volunteered to teach children in Sunday school. She believes that being involved as a teacher at Sunday school pulled her through a dark and difficult period in life, gave her nee purpose, and hope for the future. 


Over the years, with Love Cambodia’s physical, financial help, Seap is now back on her feet. She is mentally and emotionally stronger and ready to face challenges that may come her way. She has started to repay her debts and recently started to farm higher value animals like cows, ducks, geese and frogs to support her family. She is now one of Love Cambodia’s local leaders in Pom Church.


She is even able to put her sons through university, which was something she had never dreamed of doing. She hopes that her sons will complete their education and get good jobs, and importantly, be touched by Christ’s love for them; just like she was.