Rieng was a rice farmer in Prey Veng Province, Cambodia, until 3 years ago when he decided to take up a job as a factory worker in neighbouring Thailand. He hoped that a stable factory job will mean he could better provide for his family. But unexpectedly, with the Covid19 pandemic, factories and other workplaces in Thailand were shut down and foreign workers like Rieng is forced to return to Prey Veng. Without his factory job, Reng suddenly has no income and his family faces an uncertain future. He does not know when and if he can ever return to Thailand. His most pressing concern is to provide enough food for his family.


LOVE CAMBODIA has rolled out an initiative to assist Rieng and other families impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic, to ensure that the poor and needy have sufficient food during these hard times. Each selected family will be provided with USD60 worth of vegetable seeds and fish fry to enable them to grow vegetables and rear fish. LOVE CAMBODIA will also provide the required skills and guidance to them maximise the yields and ensure a steady supply of produce.

Help us by directly supporting families in need of help in Prey Veng. Let us know how many families you wish to assist to pull through these difficult times.